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Best way to uninstall Windows antivirus helper fake antivirus

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What is Windows antivirus helper

Windows antivirus helper is newly-fake antivirus programs that gets install in your computer without your permission. When you find Windows antivirus helper, it scans your computer and reports that there are a lot of viruses in your computer and if you want them removed. You have to purchase professional version of it. If you refuse to,Windows antivirus helper will keep popping up malicious message annoying you. Furthermore, it scan blocks your antivirus programs from running. When Windows antivirus helper first comes to your computer, it makes change to your registry immediately so that it can load itself every time when windows loads. Windows antivirus helper illegally scans your computer, just to collect more and more information about your computer, such as the configuration of system and loopholes of your computer, so that hackers can exploit them if they want to further damage your computer. By blocking your antivirus, Windows antivirus helper can undermine your system and makes it easier for virus to infect your computer.


How does Windows antivirus helper spread?

Windows antivirus helper can be distributed via unsafe websites, such as gambling sites or porn sites. If you visit them and click something popping up or malicious links, Windows antivirus helper will be automatically downloaded to your computer. Spam Email is also a good way to spread it as most people would open spams from strangers out of curiosity. So when you are going to remove Windows antivirus helper, antivirus should not be your best option. Here it is suggested that you should take manual approach which is fast, entire-remove of this virus and fast. If you worry about not being a geek enough to remove it, then we have instructions to assist you. Please feel free to come and talk with our 24/7 online experts for tech support.

How to uninstall Windows antivirus helper --removal guide

Step 1: Launch your computer into Safe Mode with Networking.
Keep tapping F8 when you restart your computer and choose Safe Mode with Networking.


Step 2: Uninstall Windows antivirus helper from the Control Panel.
Click: Start->Control Panel->Uninstall a Program. Find Windows antivirus helper and uninstall it.


Step 3: Delete corrupted registry value in registry editor.
Hit "Windows+R" and then type in regedit.


then find the following registry values and delete them:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Microsoft/Windows/Currentversion/Run/Windows antivirus helper

Step 4: Clean junk files.

Step 5: restart your computer.

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