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Best way to remove Fast Clean Pro virus completely and effectively

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Fast Clean Pro is a malware that suddenly gets install in your computer without your permission. When you find it, it always finishes its installation. Then Fast Clean Pro scans your computer even though you do not open. Tons of problems will be found by Fast Clean Pro and it makes up a fake report telling that you you have to remove this threat. If you follow the advice, you will see Fast Clean Pro will ask you to pay for its full version. This is a completely trap and if you lose your money if you fall into its trap. If you do not buy it, Fast Clean Pro will pop up every time when you turn on your computer and keeps popping up message prompting you to buy it.


In addition to the annoying message, Fast Clean Pro can bring other damage to your computer. It makes changes to registry editor, enabling it to load itself every time when you restart your computer. When Fast Clean Pro runs at the backstage, it consumes your memory, making your computer runs slower than before. Does Fast Clean Pro really scan the virus when it scans? No, it collect the loopholes in your computer and reports them to hackers who may better exploit the loophole and make further damage to your computer. When you try to run antivirus, Fast Clean Pro blocks it. So when you try to remove this threat, antivirus program is not your best option.

How does Fast Clean Pro gets into computers? Many victims have the same questions. The most effective and important way to spread Fast Clean Pro is free programs. By bundling with free programs, Fast Clean Pro will be installed in your computer when you install other programs. So it is suggested that you should do it step by step when you install a program so that you can uncheck a lot of unnecessary stuffs. But if, unfortunately, your computer is infected, you can remove this malware by referring to our instructions or contact our experts for professional help.

How to Remove Fast Clean Pro--Removal Guide

Step 1: Open Task Manager and close the processes of Fast Clean Pro.
Hit Ctrl+Alt+Del to enter Task Manager and then find random.exe and end it.


Step 2: Uninstall this program from the Control Panel.
Hit: Start->Control Panel->Uninstall a Program, then find Fast Clean Pro, right click it and remove it.


Step 3: clean all junk files.

Step 4: Go to the registry edirot and delete suspicious values.
Press Win + R and then type "regedit" and hit Enter.


then find the following registry values and remove them:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\run "random.exe"
HKEY_CURRENT_USERS\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\runonce "random.exe"

Step 5: Reboot your system.

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