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How to create a bootable recovery disk in Windows 8?

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I am wondering how to create a bootable recovery disk for use in an emergency when the computer will not boot up. Thanks.

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Steps to Create Recovery Media in Windows 8 :
Step 1 : Press Windows + C on the keyboard to get the charms bar
Step 2 : In the charms bar select Settings, and then in the search boxtype Recover
Step 3 : Select "Create a recover drive option"
This opens the Recovery Media Creator wizard that will enable you to create recovery media.
Step 4 : once you to select "Create a recovery drive option" Recover Drive window will pop up.
Step 5 : After clicking Next, you’ll be prompted to connect a USB flash drive, or you’ll see a list of available drives. If you’d rather use optical media (CD-RW or recordable DVD), you can click the link titled Create a system repair disk with a CD or DVD instead.
Step 6 :After selecting the drive, click Next. The wizard will warn you that everything on the drive will be deleted as part of the formatting process. Click Create.
Step 7 : The wizard will prepare and format the drive, and then copy over the utilities and other files that make up the recovery environment, then create the recovery media.

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Why not make a bootable repair disc?

Control Panel > Windows 7 File Recovery > Create a system repair disc.

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Windows does not and has never offered this utility.

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