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How do you create a document in Windows 8.?

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I want to create a list of some information I need all the time. If it is so troublesome, I prefer to use Google Chrome as my browser.. Thank you.

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Go the start screen. Type Word. There's no search box or anything, just start typing and the search box will pop up. You should see WordPad appear in the results. Click on it to launch the program and begin writing.

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open note pad, type in the data, then click close.
When you click close it will ask to save, or not save.
select save. then where to save. Name the file and
click save.

If the file you're saving contains photos, or color, then
you would need go to either word pad, or Microsoft Word
and create the file and save it.

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I would use something like word pad or notepad because microsoft word doesn't come with the computer. Hold down the windows key and press x and then click on search. Search word pad in the search bar under where it says apps and it will come up.

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