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error message 0x80070005 of Windows Live Photo Gallery ?

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When I try to run Windows live photo gallery in Win 7, an error message pops up saying windows live photo gallery encountered an error and had to stop. error code is 0x80070005 Then when I click on okay, it just closes. How can I fix it?

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This issue happens when the photo library isn't accessible.

That the said library needs to be refresh

-Go to windows explorer (press Windows key + E )

-Go to Libraries

-Please delete all folders namely pictures, documents, music and documents.

-Once deleted do a right click on Libraries folder then choose restore default libraries.

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there are two things you can do: The most straightforward is to turn UAC off, reboot, and you're done (unless you do not want UAC off). Another option, which works but seems to have a lag in it, is to "Take Ownership" of the .exe file in the program folder. I may not be doing things right with the ownership settings, so any other feedback here would be appreciated.
Under administrative mode or with UAC turned off, the program loads in 1-2 seconds. With the "Take Ownership" method, the program opens in 20-30 seconds for me. I tried taking ownership several times, but I kept getting the noted lag to load the program.

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