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Why I don't see Windows 8.1 Preview in Window store?

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Why Windows 8.1 Preview is missing on my Window? How can I make it appear?

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Windows 8.1 Preview will not appear in Windows Store if your PC meets one or more conditions for which Windows 8.1 Preview is not supported. These conditions include:

You are running Windows 8 Enterprise
You are running Windows 8 Pro activated with a Volume License
Your base language is not one of the 13 supported languages, and you found a workaround for installing the pre-requisite Windows Update.

If you cannot see the Preview in the Store, Windows 8 customers can try out Windows 8.1 Preview by installing using the ISO image.

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You have to download a Windows Update first which then the Windows 8.1 update will show up in the store.

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I had the same issue, until I installed update KB2849636. After installing the update and rebooting I saw Windows 8.1 preview in the Windows Store. It was the very first large tile in the Store.

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