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My hard drive doesn't work! And clicking all the time?

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My hard drive strated to click, click click several hours ago. Is there any way to get it work again? By the way, it isn't covered under warranty. It actually went out when we went to send the files to a 32gb usb flash drive. The other flash drive stopped working so we tried to get another one to save the files to from the hard drive. What's the problem?

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clicking in the HDD is never good and the message ''failed hard drive'' says it all, your HDD is failing and you should back up your files as soon as possible, you HDD may brake in 5 min or in 5 months you never know. If you cant get it to work it is possible to get the files off of it but it can be expensive, depends on the issue that your HDD failed from. To get the files off the broken HDD you need to go to a service where they fix computers, they usually have the equipment that is made for recovering files.

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May be u r Hard drive is about to crash.

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