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Some strange lines happen on my screeen?

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Post Tue Jul 16, 2013 1:25 am

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Each time I turn on my pc I keep getting a Grey or White screen covered with horizontal lines. A few seconds or minutes later, the horizontal lines disappear but the Grey/White screen still stays. I can't see the log in screen for Windows but I can hear the sound. My laptop is a HP (G62) and the Windows version is Windows Home Premium. It has occurred before but it was fixe after pressing F11 at start up and was restored. But now this way doesn't work either. I've tried to press reset several times but no use. Is there anyone can help? Thanks.

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Plug an external monitor to the laptop and hit the Fn and the proper F key to switch the display over to the external. If it does not apear on the external, you have a bad laptop screen. If it appears on the external as well, uninstall the Video card driver and reinstall with the latest one available from HP.

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You probably need a new LCD Screen.

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