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My laptop is dropped! Is It Ruined? Help Me!

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I dropped my laptop, from about a meter and now when i try to turn it on it beeps noise and the little green lights start flashing but the screen stays black but with some light, i'm so confused and i dont have a warranty, what can i do? please help!Thanks.

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It probably would matter if you had a warranty or not because warranties usually don't cover accidents, only manufacturing defects. The beeping you hear could be the "Beep Code" for the computer. The Beep Code tells a technician where to start their testing to find the problem with a computer that's not working. Usually when a laptop is dropped, the RAM sticks can be jarred from the motherboard so the computer won't boot up. I'd suggest taking the laptop to a local computer repair shop and tell the technician what happened and he can probably tell you from the Beep Codes, what the problem may be and how much it may cost for repairs. Let's hope it's just the RAM stick that was jarred lose. After you receive an estimate for repairing your laptop, you'll need to decide, ( usually according to the age of the laptop and possibly the operating system installed ), if it's worth repairing or if it would be more cost efficient to replace it with a new laptop. Good luck and I hope it's just a minor repair!

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The beeping soundusually refers to the malfunction of the RAM or the HDD or the Graphic Card.
The beeping also happen when these part are not connected properly, so the need to be placed back correctly.

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