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Why can't I uninstall Internet Explorer from my PC?

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I have two browsers configured in my PC ( win7 system), Internet Explorer and Firefox.

I am not quite into using Internet Explorer~~ So I wanted to uninstall it to spare some storage usage. I have tried to uninstall it from control panel. And it was gone from there. But when I checked All programs in Start menu one day, it is still on the list. But I can't find it on program list any more.

How can I uninstall it completely?

Waiting for help~~

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But Molly,
Internet Explorer is a Windows feature, you can't uninstall it. If you don't want to use it, you can stop it by turning it on/off. Here is the steps now:

1. Swipe in from the right edge of the screen, and then tap Search.
(If you're using a mouse, point to the upper-right corner of the screen, move the mouse pointer down, and then click Search.)

2. Enter Windows features in the search box, tap or click Settings, and then tap or click Turn Windows features on or off.

3. In the Windows Features dialog box, clear the Internet Explorer check box.

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I thought so. But I still think that it can be uninstalled because it is just a browser not like other essential system programs. Ok~~ Thank you Hannah. I am going to try your way.

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Hi Molly & Hannah,

Uninstalling Internet Explorer is easy no matter what version of Internet Explorer you have. As long as you also have a different Internet browser, or a previous version of Internet Explorer that you'd like to revert to, the process won't take much time. If you want to uninstall Internet Explorer in just a few minutes, just follow these easy steps.

1. Click the Start button. You can find it on the bottom left of your home page tool bar.
2. Type "Programs and Features." Hit Enter when you're finished.
3. Click "View installed updates."
4. Scroll down to the "Microsoft Windows" section.
5. Select "Windows Internet Explorer." and right click on it
6. Click "Uninstall." You will then be asked if you're sure you want to go through with this process.
7. Click "Yes."
8. Wait for the process to finish.
9. Click "Restart now" or "Restart later." If you want to complete uninstalling Internet Explorer 10, then you'll have to restart your computer. If you want to save the final step for later, then decide to restart later.

No matter what version of the Internet Explorer you have in your system, you can follow the above steps to uninstall it. Not as difficult as you thought.

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thanks for the detailed instruction.

I have got it uninstalled~~

Thank you so much

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