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Need help to uninstall Windows Prime Accelerator!!

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My friend Anna's PC is attacked by Windows Prime Accelerator. The day before yesterday, she got someone help to install a free system program to her PC. when it is done, her PC seems ok, but not before long, when she started her PC to run that software, she found a program called Windows Prime Accelerator blocked her PC. It won't allow her to run other programs. She has no idea what it is and what should do to get rid of it. Anyone has good idea to remove it?


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It is a rogue program. Mostly it will cause serious PC problems if it stays long inside your system. So you should warn your friend try every means to remove it as soon as possible. To completely get rid of this rogue program, you are required to end its processes, unregister DLL files and delete associated files in your local disks. And this should be proceeded with professional PC skills. She needs to get help from PC experts. And one other chance is to talk to online experts of Doofix. They are always helpful :D :D

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Bob's right. Should look for experts'help, otherwise there will cause irreparable damages to your friend's PC if she makes any mistakes during removal process. Too risky to do that by herself

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I have read some posts about it, and they also provide some removal guide for completely remove this rogue. You can make a search. You might be get help from those posts.

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You know, Anna tried most removal guides provided on the internet, but failed still. Well, she talked an online experts here, they said all online removal guides are based on virus sample. They are not that useful, if someone like Anna who is completely computer moron. But thanks god someone here can help. Right? I don't really want the same thing happen to my PC :lol: :lol:

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