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Daily Tips to Avoid any Browser Hijacker Infection.

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What is Browser Hijacker?

Browser redirect viruses are not something new and malware developers have been using this technique for years to generate traffic to their sites, gathering search terms and redirect users to websites. It is a program that infiltrates random computers and modifies Internet browser settings. Most commonly, browser hijackers modify default search engine settings and can interfere with the proper operation of the Internet browser itself by causing redirection and pop-up ads. The main purpose of these bogus programs is to generate revenue from deceptive ads or sponsored Internet search results presented within the websites they promote. The most common forms of browser hijackers are browser extensions, toolbars, and helper applications. Browser hijackers infiltrate users' Internet browsers through freeware downloads, infected email messages, or by installation of free software downloaded from the Internet.

Daily tips for avoiding browser hijacker infection.

1. Do not click on pop-up ads that offer installation of free and 'useful' programs.

2. Always read the terms of use and privacy policy for any software that you download, and be especially careful when downloading free software.

3. Be very attentive when downloading and installing freeware:
1) avoid installation of 'bundled' browser extensions by clicking on a 'decline' button;
2) when installing free programs, use the 'advanced' or 'custom' installation options;
3) opt-out of installation of any bundled toolbars.

4. Do not open email attachments from unknown sources or files sent through an instant messenger.

In addition to these measures, ensure you keep your Internet browsers updated.

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