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How Can I Remove From Chrome/ Firefox

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I accidentally installed an unknown toolbar and the home page is changed to I have to use this strange site to do online search as well, but I get many sponsored links in my search results. In addition, the computer performs much much slowly. I tried to uninstall the downloaded toolbar but cannot help to get rid of those ads. I'm here for any help and info. Thank you in advance!

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To remove the mentioned browser hijacker and speed up the computer performance, you need to uninstall the accidentally downloaded toolbar (in computer Control Panel) and delete all its other components like files, entries and browser add-ons. I suggest you do this in Safe Mode with Networking. This mode can stop the malware from running and carrying out harmful activities.

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You can try a powerful and professional security program like SpyHunter to have your system fully scanned and checked. If you are afraid some system files are corrupted, you can download PCFixKit to fix system errors. In addition, you should uninstall the unfamiliar toolbar which causes the redirect problem. Hope I help you :D

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