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How to unlock my computer from the popup page? I am blocked by this popup webpage whenever I open my machine. It pops up all of a sudden and says that I have violated some laws because I watched child porn online. I haven’t watched any pornographic stuff! It’s scary! I am also asked to pay $300 fine to get my computer unlocked, or I will be arrested. I don't want to pay money, neither do I want to get arrested!What can I do to make the warning screen go away?

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Can you still log in your computer in the normal mode? If not, try safe mode with networking (tap F8 repeatedly when restart the computer and choose this option when menu appears). This phony thing should not able to harm you there. Activate task manager and end this malware. It should not be hard to find it as it will take up the most system resource typically.

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Oops! Knotty problem!Under safe mode, use antivirus program to locate all its files and remove them all!

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