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Need help to remove WeLoveGames Toolbar!!

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I got this WeLoveGames Toolbar accidentally when I downloaded a plug-in to optimize my browser performance. That's irony because I am not a fan of games! :| My computer was in a mess now. The hijacker kept popping up every time I launched Firefox. My antivirus can’t seem to get rid of it. I need to get my Firefox and everything else back to normal. Any redirect uninstall guide will do me a great favor. Thanks in advance!!

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Go to task manager to terminate this toolbar first. If you cannot this any program with name, end your browser first. It must have set itself as a plug-in of your browser. Then you can try to remove it from Control Panel. Uninstall it from program list. Back up your browser data first, such as bookmarks, passwords. And reset your browser.

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Even some one love games would hate this pesky toolbar, too! :D You can also go to Registry Editor (by pressing Win + R together) and check if it leaves any entries. Remove them all if you find any!! Some free stuff will not be safe nowadays. Better check first before you make up your mind to download it.

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