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Stop redirection caused by

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What is virus?

The appears to be very similar to legit website like, however it is known as a pesky browser hijacker which corrupts different browsers to crash. For doing that, this destructive virus will firstly sneak into random systems by bundling with trustful freeware or legitimate websites without your acknowledge and approval. After that, it will target your browsers or search engine, then use its malicious files to replace original files of your browsers. It frequently resets your homepage and destroys default settings of your browsers. All these lead to unexpected web redirections and plenty of pop-up windows whenever you browse internet.

Except the above annoyances, is likely to be manipulated by cyber criminals to collect search items from computer users and record their personal data which are usually related to online payment. Cyber criminals have ulterior motives to make money by using different viruses to attack network users. is one of the malicious sites that help to achieve that goal. And usually, for manipulating in a long term, cyber criminals design it not to be easily detected or removed by antivirus program. If any victims want to completely and thoroughly remove from browsers, they are always suggested manually get rid of it, rather than auto removal tools.

Follow the removal guide to stop redirection from

Step 1: You need to manage add-ons / disable extensions of Virus on your browsers

Take Google Chrome as an example
1) Click the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar
2) Select "Tools"
3) Select“Extension”
4) On the Extensions page, unselect the "Enabled" checkbox for the extension you'd like to remove.

Step 2: End all processes of virus

1) Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc keys simultaneously to get the "Task Manager" to stop all active processes of virus.
2) Click Processes tag at the top, find out and end those suspicious processes.

Step 3 Delete all files related to virus in hard drives

1) Open My Computer/Computer, then carefully find out all suspicious program files of virus in your hard drives and delete them.

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Quite an instruction in detail. I am sure it helps others. Thanks for sharing, Kyle. :D

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Hey I just got this problem. Hope your instruction works well

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