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Post Sun Jan 26, 2014 2:47 pm

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This adds itself to all my installed web browsers!! Cannot stop its crazy pop-ups!! I cannot find it at the uninstall program list at the control panel! What could I do to get rid of this thing??

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It exists at the form of website. Therefore, you cannot find it at the program list at the control panel. You protection tools won't be able to help you remove it either. So, you are on your own! Try remove it manually. Go to manage add-ons and extensions of the browsers. You should be able to find it there. Feel no hesitation to rip it off!

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Yes, this kind of pop-up thing is irritating indeed! You better reset your browsers as well. Reset all browsers if they are infected all together. Make sure you back up all your bookmarks and saved passwords before you do so. I lose everything last time I did so. Took me some time to get most of them back. :evil:


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Yep, find it! See whether it works!!

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