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Win32:Trojan-gen is detected in my computer!

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Just a few minutes ago, I noticed that my MalwareBytes failed to update. I re-installed it and some sort of error message showed up and said "windows cannot find C:/program files/Malwarebytes/mban.exe...balabala..."
Then I tries system restore, no use,either. I switched to MSE, and it found this Win32:Trojan-gen. All my app icons on the desktop are abnormally large now :cry:

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Your files must have been damaged and removed by this virus!!

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You can log into safe mode with networking, re-install the antivirus and perform a full scan. Thus, you can free yourself from effect of this Trojan and remove it there easily.

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I guess so! I try enter safe mode like you said. Everything seems normal there, so I install and update Malwarebytes, it works. And I try full scan, find several other viruses too! Cannot believe it! Anyway, I manage to delete them all. My PC should be safe now, we'll see. Thanks for your advice!Have a nice day!

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