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Suffer from PriceSparrow virus, please help!

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The symptoms include: web pages not loading/search engine results redirecting/website fonts being larger than usual. Opening a new tab and PriceSparrow pops up all the time. How to fix this problem?

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For some reason the anti-spyware programs cannot always remove Browser hijackers like PriceSparrow. If you use IE, you suggest you follow this guide to remove PriceSparrow from your browser:
Open IE, go to tools, then click on manage add-ons, then click on Enable or disable add-ons, next to Show it should read Add-ons currently loaded in Internet Explorer. If not change it to that. Now check the add-on list. Look for ones you don't recognize. Click on the ones you don't recognize or you know you didn't install.Then click on Disable for each one. Then click ok.

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Switch to Firefox. It's a much better browser than other browser, i think.

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