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Help??Got ZBot.get! AP in my lap!!

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Post Mon Jan 20, 2014 5:43 am

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I got an email from my friend Dave. Got a link and a message said “It’s so funny! Check it out!!”. Dave did these a lot before, shared me some funny pics or stories to make me laugh. So, i clicked it, no doubt and got this ZBot.get! AP in my lap. I cann’t get any browsers and get to FB. The worst thing?? Dave told me that it wasn’t him!! What’s going on then? So creepy. What should I do?

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To get this thing out, make sure that you go to Windows Task Manager first to end its runing processes, otherwise it cann't be removed from the Control Panel. That's right, you can go to Go to Control Panel and remove this hijacker easily now. One more thing, the registry files created by this virus have to be deleted all together as well. You can do this in the registry editor. If you still get suspicious, please get rid of all browser add-ons as well. Before doing that, you may back up all your files first.

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Do I have to reset the browsers as well? I did some researches and were told to restore my browsers to their original state. Does this work to further clean this virus out?

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Denial, you could try to reset the browsers, this may work better. Just so you know, the remained files could be spots for this thing to come back after what you have done. Also, too many juck files will slow down your browsers.

Post Tue Jan 21, 2014 11:06 pm

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I never heard of this thing. It is a real bug?

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