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Anybody is hit by like I do?

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Yesterday, I was watching movie and some sort of warning message showed up and said that I had to renew my flash. I got totally mad as I was about to see the most exciting part!!! I knew that prompt was fake stuff. I got stuck before. So, i hit No, thanks! But, this popped up before I knew it. Try couples of tools, not working. Follow the structures i found, still nothing. I knew I screwed. Hope any geek here help me out!! Thanks soooooo much! :geek: :geek: :geek:

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Tapping “Ctrl + Alt + Del” keys all together to open Windows Task Manager, and then end all related running processes. Find out and delete all corrupt files related to this malware. Go to the registry editor to eliminate all registry entries associated with it (Press Win + R to get Run and put in regedit and tap Enter). You shall be more careful when dealing with regitry files, or you may get it worse than before. Hope it be helpful for you.

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You can try more security protection tools. They are free, and some of them may work. Just be more cautious when you choose one, as they may have different traits. I cann't tell which one you can try. Sound a bit like advertising for those companies if I do so. LOL. Just try!

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Hannah!!! Same here!! You have no idea how upset I was. May be Ryan is right. I will try and come back to you guys later. Thanks!

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