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Seek Help to remove PConverter B3 Toolbar

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I downloaded a file from the Internet several days ago. And PConverter B3 Toolbar just appears on my browser suddenly. I really don't want this toolbar at all. Is there any one can help me remove it? Thanks a lot.

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Click on "Start-->Run". Type "devmgmt.msc" and Click on OK. This will run Device Manager. In Device Manager, click on "View-->Show Hidden Devices".

then, click on the "Plus" sign. Now try to find " PConverter B3 Toolbar" right click Disable. Please make sure that you do not select the Un-Install option otherwise infection will be back once you reboot your computer.

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go to control panel and under programs, find PConverter B3 Toolbar, and disable it. After that, run your antivirus to scan the system to make sure that it is deleted completely.

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PConverter B3 Toolbar gets installed on my firefox without asking my permission as well. And i try to uninstall it through control panel, but i cannot find it in there!

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