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How to remove from my PC?

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I get annoyed by because it just pops up on my browser again and again. How can i do to remove it completely? Please help!

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First of all is not a virus. You will get this when you tried to install some free application in your computer and this is also installed as an add-on. Usually they are called browser hijacker. You can remove by simply following the steps below. 1. Uninstall the program first in your computer * Go to control panel * Click Uninstall a program * Uninstall " for Internet Explorer, Update Manager for " 2. Remove the tool bar in your web browser. a. Internet Explorer - Open IE - Click on the gear icon then go to "Internet Options" - Go to the advance tab - Click on the "Reset" Button - Tick "Delete personal settings" and then click on reset

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I have the same problem like you. It makes me crazy, too!!!

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