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Get rid of virus&redirect

This forum provides useful removal guide for various computer virus and malware.

Posts: 228 a redirect virus that is able to redirect you to other websites. It can be spread via third party programs or unsafe websites. So DooFix experts suggest that you should avoid visiting those insecure websites, like porn sites. Besides, when you install a free program which is downloaded from unknown websites, you should install them step by step, because you will uncheck quite a lot of unnecessary stuff. But what to do if computer is compromised by

Image can redirect you to those dangerous sites which contain quite a lot of virus and those ads can get themself automatically downloaded. Besides, it can bring other damage to your computer. For example, can change the setting of your browser and other settings. When this program runs at the backstage,it downloads tons of junk files into your system, which can occupy space. If you look up something on the Internet, can record your online activities and send them to hackers. But the most dangerous thing is that this malicious program can collect your E-mails and other information sending in and out your computer. That means your mails or communication with your friends will be exposed to some creepy guys. is so stubborn that when you launch your antivirus to scan, it is never found. So it is suggested that you should remove it on your own. Don’t worry if you are not familiar with computer, because we have instructions showing in this post with detailed pictures. If you still confused, please feel free to contact our 24/7 online experts for a better solutions. Removal Guide

1. Remove related extensions.
For Internet Explorer users:
When Internet Explorer is launching, click Tools and then Internet Options. Move to Programs tab and select Manage add-ons. Find out and disable add-ons of


2. End Relevant Processes
Display by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc together, click Processes tab, find out and end processes.


3. Show virus' hidden files from the Control Panel.
Select Control Panel from Start menu, choose Appearance and Personalization and find Folder Options. Move to View tab and tick Show hidden files, folders, and drives under the Hidden files and folders.


4. Delete relevant files.
Find out and remove the associated files.

Note: this nasty computer threat can be changeable and hard to removed. If you fail to remove it by yourself, please contact online experts!

If you need help, pleas start a live chat with DooFix Online Experts


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