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Get rid of completely from the PC

This forum provides useful removal guide for various computer virus and malware.

Posts: 228 is a browser extension or plug-in that slips into your computer and then always redirect to you to its website. Hackers distribute this threat via spam E-mails, unsafe websites and free downloads such as third party programs or free documents. When your computer is infected by, you will see that keeps redirecting you to its website. When you visit its website, it looks like this site is clean or safe and it asks you to download plug-in for watching HD movies, but if you download them, then you download a a virus to your computer.


Recently, such kind of viruses which pretend to be some kinds of updates of a programs or toolbars and they pop up or redirect you to their sites and ask you install them. Some of them are capable of installing automatically when you visit their sites. Besides, can be used by hackers to collect your personal data. For example, can intercept your E-mails or other communication with outsides and send then to hackers. If you have important information in your E-mails, then they will be exposed to hackers. Also, when comes to your computer, it can modify registry editor to its favor. The disappointing thing is when you launch your antivirus programs, you can find nothing. So it is recommended that you should remove manually. If you have any difficulty removing this threat, you can contact our 24/7 online experts for tech support.

How to remove -- removal steps:

Step 1: Launch your computer into Safe Mode with Networking.
Keep hitting F8 when you restart your computer and then choose Safe Mode with Networking.


Step 2: Go to the Task Manager and terminate the related process:
Hit Ctrl+Alt+Del and then find the suspicious proceses, terminate them.


Step 3:Enter the following registry values and change their values:
Hit Win + R and then type regedit in the registry and hit Enter.


Go to the following registry values and change the values of "Start-up Page" and "Default Search Page":
HKEY_CURRENT_USER/SoftWare/Microsoft/Internet Explorer/main
HKEY_Local_Machine/SoftWare/Microsoft/Internet Explorer/main

Delete the following registry values:

Step 5: restart your computer to make your change effective.

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