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How to remove virus completely

This forum provides useful removal guide for various computer virus and malware.

Posts: 228 is a redirect virus that attacks your browser and then could redirect you to others. It is designed by hackers who are driven by profit, so they will try whatever they could to distribute this virus. They can spread via spam E-mails, third party programs and insecure websites. when your computer is infected by, you will see that your browser may be redirected to when you view websites.


This virus usually is more dangerous than browser hijacker. Sometimes it can redirect you to other dangerous sites that contain other trojans and are automatically downloaded to your computer. It can also bring toolbars and plug-ins to your computer and get them install without your authorization. When runs at the backstage, it creates tons of junk files in your system which occupy the space of your system drive. So when you are going to remove this threat, you have to void its files. Registry could also be changed by when it first comes to your computer. It adds corrupted registry values to the registry editor and add itself to the start-up list, so that it runs simultaneously when system starts. Hackers could use to intercept users’ information,such as mails, communication with your friends or other information coming in and our your computer. That’s why we regard it as a much horrible threat than a browser hijacker.

How to remove guide

Step 1: Launch your computer into Safe Mode with Networking.
Keep hitting F8 when you restart your computer and then choose Safe Mode with Networking.


Step 2: Enter your registry editor and remove its corrupted registry values:
Hit Windows +R and then type in regedit and finally hit Enter.


Go to the following registry values and change the values of "Start Page" and "Default Search Page" into Google or others :
HKEY_CURRENT_USER/SoftWare/Microsoft/Internet Explorer/main
HKEY_Local_Machine/SoftWare/Microsoft/Internet Explorer/main

Step 3: Go the the desktop and change your homepage
Find the infected browser, right click it and choose property. Click Shortcut and under the Target tab,go to the last string of words and,change into or NOHOME(means no homepage).


Step 4: restart your computer.

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