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How to remove browser hijacker

This forum provides useful removal guide for various computer virus and malware.

Posts: 228 is a browser hijacker that slips into your computer and then changes your homepage and other settings. When you open your browser, you will see that appears as your homepage. You will also see that there are quite a lot of ads in your computer and it can display quite a lot of information about movies which is claimed to be high quality.But if you click it, you might be redirected to those insecure websites. When you use to search something, it will redirect you to other sites that are loaded with ads or pop-ups.


How does slip into your computer? There are typically three ways. First, it can be spread via spam E-mails. If you receive a spam from strangers, you should delete it at once instead of opening it or downloading it. Second, can be distributed via unsafe websites. There are many dangerous websites on the Internet, if you visit them or download something from those sites, it is very likely to catch it. Last but not the least, can be spread through third party programs. Some of those free programs are compromised and embedded with and it will be installed in your computer if you install the compromised programs.

In addition ads, can do worse. Hackers can use to record your online activities. When you type in your accounts and other highly confidential informations, can record it and then transfer to a remote server. When you receive mails, they can be intercepted by Without your permission, Bhutan can install plug-ins or toolbars in your computer. When you try to remove it via antivirus, you may fail because antivirus programs are not designed to remove such a threat. Therefore, you have to remove manually. If you have any question about removing , you can contact our 24/7 seven online experts for tech support.

Effective way to remove from your computer

Step 1: Show all hidden files.
Click: Start->Control Panel->Appearance and Personalization->Folder Option->View.
under the View tab, check Show hidden files, folders and drivers. And uncheck Hide protected operating system files (Recommended) and then click OK.


Step 2:Enter the following registry values and change their values:
Hit Win + R and then type regedit in the regsitry.
Go to the following registry values and change the values of "Start Page" and "Default Search Page" into Google or others :
HKEY_CURRENT_USER/SoftWare/Microsoft/Internet Explorer/main
HKEY_Local_Machine/SoftWare/Microsoft/Internet Explorer/main


Step 3: Go the the desktop.
Find the infected browser, right click it and choose property. Click Shortcut and under the Target tab,go to the last string of words and, change into or NOHOME(means no homepage).


Step 4: go to the following files to clean them all:

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