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Hyperlinks in my Word 2007 isn’t in the format of blue under

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I recently notice that the hyperlinks in my MS Office Word 2007 appear strangely. In details, they are deleted and replaced by the inserted web domain which is included in brackets. For example, when I want to add the hyperlink to “Google Search”, it appears as {HYPERLINK “”}. But when I turn to Print Preview, it looks normal and the highlighted text is still there with blue underline link.
When I send the file to my friend, she told that she could see the hyperlink as normal.
That is strange, isn’t it?
Can anyone give any advice to make it back as normal?

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You are probably in Draft View. Choose the “Web layout” in the View menu.

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I guess you may have accidentally clicked any button and changed the settings. You can try the procedures below to reset it back.
Click the Office button on the left-top location, choose “Word Options” in the dropdown menu, click “Advanced”, find and click “Show document content”, uncheck the “Show field codes instead of their values” in the “Field shading” dialogue box.
Then you can get the hyperlinks as normal back. 

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