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Help me remove Optimizer Elite Max completely

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I got Optimizer Elite Max yesterday. It appeared and told me that my PC comes across many threats, and I am recommended to remove these threats with the help of its full version. I don't trust it. I only trust my security tools. I want to remove Optimizer Elite Max, can you tell me how can I remove it completely? Thanks a lot.

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Yes, you should not believe in Optimizer Elite Max because it is a fake antivirus program. The goal of it is to trick PC users into buying its full version to gather users' money. So don't be cheated by it. To remove it, you should remove all of its related files and registered entries. But it will be difficult to figure out whether they are its files or not if you have no enough computer knowledge.

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sorry to hear that. To make sure that the virus can be removed completely and safely, and ensure your system is not damaged because of poor computer knowledge, you had better ask PC expert for help.

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The most easy and simple way to fix the issue is to ask online expert for help.

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