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Plz Help Me Get Rid of virus!!

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Hellooo, new here and I need help.

As I said, I was attacked by virus, urgently need help to remove it.

I found it on my Firefox, always led me to weird websites and displayed pop-up windows :x :x :x ~~drive me crazy~~

Someone help!!
Will be appreciated with any ideas
Thank you~~

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welcome Yetta.
Don't be worried. You will get help here.
It is probably a nasty adware or redirect virus. To fully remove it, you can try the following steps:

1. Clean up all its extensions or add-ons on your Firefox

1) Open your Firefox>Click on orange icon of Firefox>Roll down to Add-on> Click to pull up the page of >"Add-ons Manager"
2) Click to open Extensions list, find out all suspicious extensions and remove all of them

2. Reset your Firefox

1) Click Tools, select Options.
2) Click General tab and reset the default homepage with your favorite website, for example,;
3) Select Manage Search Engines to change default search engine of Firefox;
4) Click on the one you like and click OK to save your changes.

3. Go to your local disk to delete all its relevant files

Once you have done the above steps, use your antivirus to remove other fragments of virus, then restart your browser to check the effectiveness.

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Hi Yetta, you can try Molly's way. It will help. It is not that difficult to deal with. Don't worry :D :D

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Hi Yetta,

Two tips:
1. You should perform the instruction step by step carefully

2. You should really pay attention to clean up all unwanted extensions or add-ons and the files related to that bug. otherwise it will come back easily.

good luck with that

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