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How to remove from my IE/Chrome/Firefox

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Posts: 55 came inside my system and change my homepage into I want to get my homepage back, but I don't know how to get it back, and antivirus programs cannot help me. why? Who can help me ? Thanks a lot!

Posts: 54 is a malicious redirect virus which can redirect you to some unwanted web sites. Your homepage was changed into, which means that your PC was infected with redirect virus. It is necessary to get your homepage back. But firstly, you should remove from your browsers. To remove from your browsers, you should delete its files, entries, extensions and toolbar in manual way.

Posts: 111 can disable your antivirus programs, so you cannot remove redirect virus with the help of your antivirus programs.

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I just found a removal guide here on this Forum. Tony, you could try that out. Wish you luck

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It is very difficult to remove, you can ask experts for help.

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