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Help me stop those annoying pop-up ads

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Post Tue Jan 28, 2014 12:50 am

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I always get many pop-up ads from I don't know how these pop-up ads come into my computer. I want to stop them, but it seems very difficult. Who can help me ?

Posts: 27 pop-up ads is a nasty adware, and it can cause a lot of ads and promote various services or products. Actually, pop-up ads is created by hackers to cheat users' money. You get many ads from , it means that your PC is infected with pop-up ads. To stop these malicious ads from, you should remove at first. Normally, antivirus programs cannot delete completely. To remove safely and quickly, you should use manual method. You should remove it by yourself. If you are a computer expert, the process will be easy for you. But if you are not familiar with computer skills, it will be very difficult. It will cause damage to your system if you have a mistake in the process of manually removing it. Actually, you can ask expert for help.

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It is very difficult to remove. Good luck to you.

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I am new here, want to learn this

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