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How to uninstall Windows Ultimate Booster

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Post Tue Jan 28, 2014 12:30 am

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MY PC is infected with Windows Ultimate Booster. I have spared lots of hard time and energy to cope with it, but just gained no positive result. I don't know why. Who is familiar with this virus? Should I keep it on my system? If not, how I can remove it completely? Thanks a lot.

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Windows Ultimate Booster is a new released rogue program which can perform malicious tasks on your system to cheat your money. Of course, it is not safe to keep in on your system. So please remove it as soon as possible.

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Sorry to tell you that antivirus programs cannot help you uninstall Windows Ultimate Booster completely. Manual removal maybe the only effective way. You should remove all files and entries related to Windows Ultimate Booster. But the manual process is complicated, so it needs computer skills. If you have no computer skills, you had better ask experts for help.

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