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I can't remove from browsers.

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Post Mon Jan 27, 2014 10:11 am

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Could someone please help me remove from my browsers. I mainly use Chrome and sometimes use Firefox but they are all get infected. This page shows everywhere no matter what websites I have opened. And it also changer my browser settings. I have tried to reset the browser settings and reinstall browsers but failed. I also have tried to many antivirus programs but in vain. Please tell me some methods to remove this monster from my computer. Thanks....

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Reinstall your browser cannot work actually. You should remove this virus add-ons in your browser. Open your browser, find tools and you will see manage-add-ons. When you click that, you can see search providers, you should remove from there and choose Bing or Google as your default settings. Later you can try to clean it from task manager or control panel! Hope you can fix your computer soon.

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Hate browser hijackers!! They are devils!!! :evil:

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Oh...sorry to hear that. Hope you can find a perfect solution soon to fix your computer.... :)

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