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My screen is locked by, please help me unlock my PC

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My PC is locked by and I cannot unlock it. And I was asked to pay a fine to unlock my PC or I will be arrested. Please help me!

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Please don't pay the fine because it is a scam. is a ransom virus with the purpose of getting users' money. To unlock your system, firstly you should delete all of its malicious files and registered entries. Even though you pay the fine, you still cannot unlock your system. Only in this way, can you unlock your system. In most cases, antivirus programs cannot help you remove the stubborn virus.

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The virus is very stubborn, so if you have no enough computer skills, you should ask experts for help.

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It is another ransom virus.

I have an idea that can anyone design a powerful antivirus typically against ransom virus.

Hate facing with ransom~~

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