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Please help me stop pop-ups

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I always get pop-ups whenever I surf the Internet which disturb my activities on the Internet. I want to stop it, but I failed to do it. Who can help me remove it completely? Thanks a lot.

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That is an Adware. It always cheats PC users. You should pay close attention to it.


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It is a computer virus which can damage computer severely. You should remove it immediately. My brother had the same problem. Generally, antivirus programs cannot remove it completely. You can follow the guide to manually remove it.
1, you should delete all files and entries which associate to pop-ups.
2, suggestion: To avoid the virus, you had better not visit hacked web sites and open emails from unknown people. And you should be careful when you install free programs and play game online. In a word, you should be careful when surfing the Internert.

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