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Trojan. Agent/GEN is stick in my system....need lots of help.....

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About few days ago I received an email attachment from a friend which is about a video and asks me to watch it. I was careless at that time and I thought friends never put a virus to you. So I open that video. The video wasn't shown successfully but I was redirected to some strange pages and then I realized that my computer may be infected. My Avast didn't work as the way I have expected. My PC performance become very slow and it drives me crazy. And many of my system files are acting unusually.

Please help me !!!!! Everyone!!! Thank you.....

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I have tried to deal with many virus but Trojan is so hard to clean up!!! Sorry to hear that. You really should try more ways to remove this thing from your computer asap.

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No one would like that their computers have any Trojans. In order to delete this Trojan successfully, you need to get into the safe mode first. Restart your computer and keep pressing key F8 (if this key won't work and try key F12) before windows launches. Then you should try to remove it from control panel and registry. Hope you can delete it successfully!!!

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The process which has taken high CPU usage and that may be the Trojan file. Remember to delete it immediately...

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