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I can't delete MSIL. I think it's a trojan!

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My antivirus program has reported that my computer has infected by MSIL. I use the antivirus to delete it and I run the scan again. Guess what? This Trojan is still in my PC. I have googled for many instructions to remove this Trojan but in vain. If anyone sees this post and anyone who happens to deal with this virus before, please tell me what to do and I want to so the right thing to fix my computer. I have to use it to work! Thanks....

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There are many instruction about how to remove Trojan manually in this forum. I don't know but I think the way to remove Trojan is always the same no matter what Trojan you have caught! Good Luck!

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Yes! First of all, you should get into the safe mode with network.
How to do it? I will tell you!
Restart your computer and press key F8 before windows launches. Here you goes.
Oh, but some computer may use key F12 to get into safe mode. Try one of these two keys.

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Trojan viruses are terrible. I remember maybe I was infected by one earlier....Opps....

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