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I have encountered SendSpace pop-up ads. NEED HELP!!!

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I have downloaded a file from Sendspace and I wasn't paying enough attention and ended up installing additional unknown applications. My antivirus only tried to block something and failed to remove those extra applications. I read some tips from internet but it doesn't work either. I feel hopeless right now. Those pop-up ads show everywhere and I will be redirected to other websites when I try to open a new tab or visit certain websites. I am just asking for some help here and anyone who is kind enough please help me fix my computer. It's really important for me. Thank you!!

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First of all, you should not download anything you are not familiar with. It's dangerous.

Second, I hope that I can help you.

There are some ways for you remove it!

1, control panel.
2, registry.
3.task manager.
4.better antivirus?maybe.....malwarebytes, adwcleaner....

good luck to you!

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it's a terrible software. I think I should be more careful when I download something! Good luck to you by the way!

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Really? I will have a try right now! Thank you for your tips!! You are so kind!!!!

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