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Help! I got PWS-Zbot.dx on my PC. Help me remove it.

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I got a security message reporting that my PC is infected with PWS-Zbot.dx but my antivirus cannot detect it. I don't know why. I know PWS-Zbot.dx is a malicious virus, so I want to remove it. But my security tool fails to do it. Who can help me?

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PWS-Zbot.dx is a nasty Trojan virus which can block your antivirus programs. That is why your antivirus programs cannot help you detect it and remove it.

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So sorry to hear that. I am sure you need instant help, because PWS-Zbot.dx is a malicious Trojan virus. You should delete it as soon as possible. It can disable your firewall and antivirus programs. Moreover, it can steal your personal information and damage your system severely. You can follow the manual guide I offer as below.
1. Restart your PC in Safe Mode with Networking.
2, End all the harmful running processes in the task manager.
3, Delete all of the files related to PWS-Zbot.dx
4, Delete all of the entries related to PWS-Zbot.dx
Generally speaking, manual removal is a complicated and difficult process which requires enough computer skills. If you are not sure you can do it, you had better ask experts for help.

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You had better ask experts for help! My friend had the same problem, and he asked expert to help him.

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