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Help! Virus Annoys Me Very Much.

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Do you know Actually, it is a redirect virus. I am a victim of this virus. Now, my browser Firefox is in a mess. When I click random search result, I am transferred to unfamiliar websites. Could anyone help me remove this virus and fix my browser? :(

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Why not reinstall your web browser? :idea:

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Hannah, I helped my classmate out of Virus a few days ago. I'm sure that you can get rid of it if you deal with this virus following the steps as follow:

1.Open your Mozilla Firefox->click orange Firefox button->select "Add-ons". Then you can remove all unfamiliar extensions from your browser.

2.Click orange Firefox button->"Help"->"Troubleshooting Information"->select "Reset Firefox". When it is done, please click "Finish" button. After rebooting, you will get back your browser.

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