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Please help me stop those annoying pop ups

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I always get many pop up ads, especially when I visit some online shopping websites. These ads tell me that they provide the cheapest goods. But I find that these goods are bad in quality. I want to stop these pop up ads but I don't know how to do it. Can you help me? Thanks!

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I think your PC is infected with an adware which is created by hackers to advertise some goods. It is not appreciated to click on these pop up ads, otherewise, your PC will be damaged severely. Firstly, you should use your trusted antivirus programs to scan your system and find out the adware. Then you should remove the adware. All of the files and registry entries related to the adware should be remove completely. However, if you have no enough computer skills to do it, you can contect experts online to ask for help.

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Sorry to hear that. I think the most effective and safely way is to ask experts online for help.

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I have seen my friend suffering from the same problem as you have now.
For removing pop-ups like yours, you can do the following things.
1. Clean up all your browsing history, cookies, temp files etc
2. Check up your browser extensions. Go to disable related extensions of those pop-ups. If you can’t distinguish any of them, you can try to disable all extensions. If pop-ups stops showing up, then one by one enable them to find the culprit.
3. Reset your browser after that. Or, to be more effective, you can re-download your browser :)

Hope these removal tips help you out of your troubles. :)

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