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Anyone can help me get rid of AppMarket Toolbar?

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I recently found this toolbar on my browser (it is Firefox I use now), which has badly upset me a lot. You know, it keeps redirecting me to What the hell is that?? :x :x :x I am fed up with seeing it coming up again and again. Could anyone give me any tips so I can follow to remove this toolbar completely?? I am appreciated with all you guys' advices. Hoping I get help here :( :( :( :(

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Here is my advice. Hope it is helpful to you. :)
1. First, you need to remove suspicious add-ons or extensions from your firefox
Steps in detail—
1) Double click to open the start page of Firefox
2) Double click to pull up the page of “Add-ons Manager"
3) Click to open “Extensions” list, check over and find out all suspicious extensions

2. Second, you should go to your hard drives, carefully find out every files of AppMarket Toolbar and then delete all of them

Just try this first, if it doesn’t work, you might need to ask for professionals’ help. Good luck with that

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I did some researches of this toolbar. It is kind of stubborn. You will have to reset your browser, end its process and remove its registry value on Registry Editor and so on to completely and fully stop it from coming back. It needs patience and PC skills to do that. Don't be worried. Ask more friends for help, you can fix it at the end.

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I have suffered the similar problem before, and my friend just helped me reinstall my browser again. And it worked for that case. Maybe you can try this way out. :D

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There are many helpful guides on the internet. You can make a search and follow their guides to remove it.

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