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Need guide to get rid of popups

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Ads are showed up everywhere on my screen. I found they all share a same domain, that is How can I stop them and protect my computer? I'm afraid it could steal my personal information like e-mail details.

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I think this unknown site could be called adware which could change browser settings and system DNS settings. Besides, it could drop harmful add-ons to the browser. It will generate ads especially on shopping sites. But you should be aware not to click any of them which could lead you to suspicious sites promoting products and spread PC viruses.

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Start your computer in Safe Mode then. Usually viruses cannot carry out activities in Safe Mode. Then you can uninstall suspicious programs, clear dropped browser add-ons and delete related registry files. Or if you are not familiar with computers, you will have to ask experts for help, I think.

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I think you can try to uninstall all of your browsers' download packages and re-install them. This sounds stupid, but it works sometimes. :D :D

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