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How to Virus from My browser?

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Help!! Virus always redirects my browser homepage or a random tab. And it changes my search engine without my consent. I'm really fed up with this website. Can you tell me how to remove it from my browser? By the way, my browser is IE. Thanks.

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Such redirect virus often drives people mad. IE, Chrome and other browsers are attacked by this virus. I hope that you get rid of it ASAP.

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1.Stop this hijacker's process in Task Manager at first.
2.Go to Control Panel and click on Programs, then uninstall this malicious program.
3.Find out its files and registries entries in the Registry Editor from your PC.
4.Search for"msconfig" in the Start menu, and then disable questionable start-up items in the System Configuration.

I hope that the above steps can help you get rid of this browser hijacker. :)
Good luck!

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