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How to remove from my Google Chrome

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My homepage is changed to and I cannot reset my homepage back to normal.
Meanwhile, my PC is becoming slower and slower regarding using Google Chrome. It may take a long time to run any programs in my PC. Sometimes, my PC occasionally freezes/crashes. And I know is harmful to my system.
I try to remove, but none of my anti-virus and anti-malwares can remove it. I am worried tha maybe my PC will be destroied soon. Please help me solve the problem. Thanks!

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You should remove in manual way. Here is a guide to manually remove it. 1, restart your PC in Safe Mode with Networking. 2, Delete all of files related to 3, Delete all of registry entries related to 4, Reset your homepage 5, Reboot your PC to normal mode.

Posts: 44 virus can cause more computer issues. You should remove it as soon as possiblem. You can ask your friends who are computer experts for help.

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