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Help me remove virus from my firefox

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Posts: 90 changes my home page without my approval, and when I go to control panel to remove it, and click on it to uninstall, the uninstall wizard never shows up. When I click on the icon again later, the same thing happens again and the software, nay,and malware never get uninstalled. Why won't it uninstall and how to uninstall it? Thanks very much!

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Of course it cannot be uninstalled because as you said, is a malware. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware free edition is a trusted anti malware application that a lot of people frefer to use. It can remove and anything else you may have wrong on your computer. So you can use it to uninsall from your Firefox.

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You hab better remove all of files and entries which are related to Trusted antivirus software is necessary. Choose one of trusted antivirus programs to remove, which can help you delete successfully.

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