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Ads are everywhere once I open the web browser

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I do not know where I have clicked but soon later my page is full of coupons especially when I visit shopping sites. Do anybody have any idea and help me get rid of those annoying ads? Thanks for any information.

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Have you ever downloaded anything from the Internet before ads appear? If any, uninstall them. That could solve the problem.

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I think you need to scan the system and delete the threat. Or you can uninstall unwanted programs in Control Panel, delete unfamiliar browser add-ons, remove suspicious registry entries and clear malicious system files. Good luck to you!

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I just couldn't understand where these ads come from. Why they are so annoying?? :evil: :evil:

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Your browser is able to intercept most of them?
For avoiding annoying ads, you should the following things in mind:
1. Do not open any unknown email attachments from strangers, or even from your friends
2. Do not casually go to visit every website, no matter how interesting they look like
3. Form a good habit to regularly clean up your browsing history, cookies, temp files and so on. And you have to regularly run your antivirus to scan and delete system SPAM.
It is good to treat your PC well.

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