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Accidentally installed PConverter B3 Toolbar! Need help!

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I don't know where I have clicked but I found my chrome added PConverter B3 Toolbar and the home page changed to What can I do to save my chrome?

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I heard that PC viruses can hide in spam e-mails. Have you tried reinstall Chrome browser? If your PC encounters the problem not for a long time, it could help. Good luck.

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You should remove all dropped add-ons on the browser. BTW, you had better do this in Safe Mode with Networking (hit F8 when the system loads till the options appear, then use arrow keys to select it). Besides, you clear all cookies and history. In addition, you remove dropped files in system registry (press Winkey and R and enter "regedit". Check every folder and delete suspicious files), but this step requires certain computer technology for every accident action could lead to more PC troubles. I advise you to take care. All the best! :)

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