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HELP ME PLEASE! SpyHunter in computer, cannot removed

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I visit a website which suggests me to install SpyHunter to protect my computer. I installed it and ran it to scan my computer. Guess what happens!!! It reported that my computer had tons of worms, viruses, and other malicious software.

Spyhunter will fix that for me unless I purchase the full version. and it directed me to a pay-pal site. OMG!!! I am not so stupid that my computer had numerous viruses and I still give my private information to some websites!!!

Here is the problem! I try to uninstall it but it comes back again and again. and SH won't let me run other antivirus to remove it !!! It drives me CRAZY!!! Someboday help me and told me what to do!!! Please!!!! :( :(

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Oh, Sorry to hear that. It must be a very nasty virus. Have you ever tried to enter the safe mode to remove that? Good luck with you. I have encountered some problems in my computer and I always learn some skills to protect my computer. Hope you do the same thing too. :)

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Hello, Ryan. Don't worry. I would love to help you remove this virus. In this case, I kindly recommend you to remove this virus by manual way.

Step 1, Click Start menu-> Click Control Panel-> Click Programs-> Find SPYHUNTER list -> Click Remove.

Step 2, Press CTRL+ALT_DEL into Task Manager -> Click Processes -> Find SPYHUNTER -> Click End Process.

After that, you can try to run again your antivirus tools, like MSE, AVG which are reputable programs to scan your computer to find whether this SH still in your computer. If it's still in your computer, remove it by your antivirus.

Good luck with that!! :)

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Good luck to you, mate!!

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